Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blown A Wish

I've Been Through Thirty-Two Years, One Day and Nineteen Minutes of Life and All I Got Was This Stupid Entry.

Sorry for my sorry ass neglect of the blog of late. Been busy with work.

Cliche scenario Marty Stark identifies with: Bitter ex-cop who has seen too much, just wanting to live out the rest of his life in peace out in his desert shack, raising turtles or making wire googly-eyes figures. Former partner now superintendent comes a knockin' on the trailer door. Bitter ex-cop who has seen too much growls [INSERT: "I told you I was out!!!"/"Why can't you leave me alone"/Other bitter ex-cop who has seen too much cliche]. Former partner now superintendent says "We need you back. Mendoza has got [INSERT: "Your son, Jimmy"/"Your ex who you still love but had to leave because you loved her so much that you didn't want her wasting her life with a mook like you, Molly"/"Your best pal who you fell out with because he ended up with Molly, ol' Ralphie"]. Bitter ex-cop downs a shot of JD, yells to his neighbor Crazy One-Eyed Jose to take care of the turtles, and walks stoicly down the highway toward the city.