Friday, April 15, 2011

There Is A Light

I'm rushing headlong to the end of my thirties, and as much as I tell myself to love what I love, that I know what I want and not let anything else bother me, I'm not exactly in a place to get everything that I want. On the one hand, my moral social code is more in line with those of my friends who already have kids, established careers, mortgages, monogamy and what not. On the other, my aesthetics are still geared toward ironic tees, jeans, sitting with knees up with hipster tunes blaring through $300 headphones while searching for Japanese watches at 3am in the morning. And sure, it's possible that there's some cute alt-chick with a small nosering, big blue anime eyes who gets just excited about covers of 80s alt tunes who isn't a porn star and isn't two decades younger than me, but let's be honest, the intersection of the Venn diagram of my moral social code and my aesthetics probably is probably populated by a single inhabitant.

But fuck it. I'm not sure I would be happy, at least in this point of my life, with 5am wakeups, heading to bed by 9, with someone I can't at least laugh with, much less have a conversation over 15 minutes, who's leisure reading is solely informed by the New York Times bestseller lists.


normandy h. said...

Miss Karaffa here! She's out there I promise. I have missed your posts - busy applying to Ph.D programs and all. Can you believe when I first commented on your post I was earning my Assoc. Degree?

if you set your venn diagram on a map - are you just in the wrong fucking location?
I am glad to hear that you have aligned your social/moral code - but do you think this was a CHANGE? I thought you were "this guy" all along! Did you just stop drinking?

5am wake up calls - referring to kids? It doesn't work like that at all. In fact, kids are a 24 hour just as you start to close one eye kind of responsibility.
YOU WOULD NEVER be with someone let alone associate by choice with someone whose reading list is dictated by NYT Bestseller.

What are you doing anyhow? How can you be meeting people if you aren't writing? Don't you realize your writing makes you less bitter during the day!
Write more - read more - for the love of all things real in this universe TRAVEL and go find her!

"You're gettin' in a fight
Then it ain't so groovy when you're screaming in the night
Let me out of this cheap 'B' movie
Headlong down the highway and you're rushing
Headlong out of control
And you think you're so strong
But there ain't no stopping and you can't stop rockin'
And there's nothin' you can, nothin' you can
Nothin' you can do about it
When a red hot man meets a white hot lady
Hoop diddy diddy - Hoop diddy do
Soon the fire starts a raging gets 'em more than half crazy
They start freaking everyway you turn
You can't start walking cause your feet got burned
It ain't no time to figure wrong from right" - Headlong, Queen

- always,
miss karaffa (even if I am married now)

greg said...

You really, really need to get back to writing. And to look me up. It's been years since we went for a drink at that Irish Pub near UCLA.

That, of course was when I lived in Chicago. Now I'm much much closer. L.A. closer....

Hit me up bro, let's catch up...